Sunday, January 29, 2006

sex kittens and horn dawgs fall in love

Sex Kittens and Horn Dawgs Fall in Love is in bookstores now. Check out this cover and it will be easy for you to spot. You can buy this book for your favorite young thing, 12 and up, this year for birthdays. It is witty, well-written (isn't that wonderful?), and a nice guide to some spots in New York. It has a bit of poetry, a little on the scientific method and fun to read. Grandmas read this book and then give it your granddaughter.

The kids in this book have a few adventures, relate to the well-to-do and the much-less-well-to-do in New York, they play music, they learn new things, they are excited about life and learning. And it is a clever story. How much more can you ask for in a book taking place in our day?

I would be less than honest if I didn't say that the author, Maryrose Wood, is the sister of my son-in-law, but those who know me know I am pretty brutally honest so I am not just saying good words about this book because she is "family".

I know Barnes and Noble has it, as does Amazon. It is solving my birthday problems this year. Every young person twelve and over gets one!