Saturday, March 24, 2007

Spring the second time this year.

Spring is happening in Greensboro for the second time since December. Amazingly my quince in the back yard bloomed in December, never really lost the color and continues to bloom now. I hope that does not wear the bush out. This street is full of daffodils. Next fall, I plan to add more color to the front yard. I had plans to include pictures here, but it is taking forever to upload so they will have to wait for an edit.

My book group just read A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson. It is one remarkable book I think. Bryson tells of his personal experience walking the Appalachian Trail, but also throws in information such as the National Forest Service being one of the biggest road builders in the world, a wonderful description on the pumping capacity of trees. Right now in Greensboro, on this side of town, we remain in shock at a beautiful line of oak trees on the fringe of Friendly Shopping Center that were whacked off about four feet from the base (probably they will be totally gone the next time I get by). Why oh why is there so little regard for trees? We have a tree ordinance and an urban arborist, but nothing has power over those who choose to whack down trees. I will take a picture when I go there next. Doesn't anyone memorize Trees by Joyce Kilmer these days?