Monday, December 12, 2005

Lightedballs for Christmas

My street, Ridgeway, must have 300 or more large lighted Christmas balls hanging in the oak trees. My neighbors across the street, Jonathan and Anne, started it all. They decorated their trees first. Then they were really rambunctious and held after Thanksgiving "learning" parties. Two articles in our local newspaper, one last year, and one this year, have been written about the Smiths and the lighted balls. This year's article tells how to make the balls in three easy steps (if you can believe that!). It is difficult to take a picture of lighted objects, but here you can see just the number of lights looking east down the street perpendicular to Ridgeway. I will work on getting a blurry picture of Ridgeway later.

Our street really gets a lot of traffic in December so I have to be really careul to always have my black dog on a good leash when we venture out for her to do her business.

Prima is afraid of a moving bush, a plastic bag or a bag of leaves, but cars don't phase her in the least even though I tell her they are dangerous and bad etc.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Guilford County Jail in Greensboro

Some members of the League of Women Voters visited our county jail in early November. One of them wrote up her impressions and one took photos. All of these are posted on the League's Click on the jail report or the photos or both.

It is going to be a costly undertaking to replace, remodel, expand or otherwise do something about our overcrowded jail. Citizens should know of the problems. Society needs to come up with a solution to the drug problem in our midst.

My personal suggestion is to take all the "sickie" ads off TV. Talk about a drug culture, but I diverge. Check out the jail.

Enjoy December with the hustle and bustle.