Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Homeless in Greensboro

Yesterday our local newspaper carried a story about a homeless man who writes a blog using the public library's computers. I think lots of my friends would be interested in reading it now and then so here is the link to View from the Sidewalk.

The library in Greensboro has computers in all branches. If you walk in to check out books, you will find every computer in use. Some are reserved for school work from about 3 until 8 so that all children who are able to get to a branch have a computer to use for assignments. The major problem is that we don't have enough branch libraries, although we have many and some are lovely with special functions. Maybe what we need is better and more complete bus service! For those of you who grew up in Pueblo, remember how much time we spent on the bus (mostly in the back, laughing).

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Spring is springing, although yesterday was really cold.