Monday, May 22, 2006

sex kittens and horn dawgs fall in love, part 3

Remember I said this was a totally "darling" and cute book and just a sweet book for teens to read. Well, the book is supposed to be banned in one school in Central Florida. I can't believe it. This book is just so nice, such good kids, trying to learn about love in a very positive way, and trying to do good things. Those who would have it banned, have not even read the book.

The author has posted the links to the St. Petersburg Times on her blog: Check it out and then I hope you will read this book so you too can know to what low depths the world has sunk.

My granddaughter, who read the book, said it is akin to the Princess Diaries in "niceness". Another book on the list is one I just gave to my then 10 year old grandson! I read the books before I give them which is more than I can say about would-be book banners.