Monday, June 05, 2006

Mario in Japan and Central 1956 in Pueblo

I just read part of Mario from Greensboro's blog. Mario is teaching in Japan and you might find his diary about Japan and his photos of Japan very interesting. The blog is Check it out.

I think of going to the internet first for information so if I suddenly or not so suddenly remembered that I graduated from Central 50 years ago this year, I would start hunting for information about a class reunion. SO, in case anyone else does the same thing, we are having a class reunion September 8,9,10. Send me email ( and I will put you in contact with the reservation maker. But you can send me your biography so I can finish the bio book before I leave for Italy the end of June. So far this has been a fun endeavor, but also time consuming. If any classmates are out there with some great old photos, please send them.