Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Friend's web site

Like poetry? Try reading something new. One of my high school and actually, college, friends has a website where he posts his poetry and more. http://www.cebulski.net/

We both attended the University of Colorado (when there was only one main campus and thus, just known as CU. Now it is UCB.) We had but one class together, a senior level literature class. The lowly math major sat in this class with all these brainy literature majors. I remember one fellow who could tell us all about the music in Ulysses. I sat in awe, but it was fun and I was glad I escaped with a B. I even wrote what I considered an interesting paper. I wonder if I would now.

In that class in addition to Ulysses by James Joyce, we read Passage to India, Mrs. Dalloway, Sons and Lovers, and a few other books, plus one separate book of our own choosing for the paper. I will find my notebook and remind myself what else we read. I am glad I can remember each of those books and, especially, those authors. It was really good class and definitely different from my math classes.

Interestingly, I still read quite a few books, but rarely prove anything mathematically. I do still help kids with math, however, and I love mathematical and logic puzzles, as well as, reading Clifford Pickover and Martin Gardner. I have to add that without the math degree, I would never have worked at NBS and learned to program computers. Who would have thought in 1958 that the first home computer I had would be as powerful as the one I used to program a gigantic book of Microwave Spectral Tables and other scientific endeavors such as the velocity of light as determined by several experimental setups.

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